Power or/and gender categories:

A – Advanced category – Peak20min >4.0 W/kg and >250 W

B – Intermediate category – Peak20min 3.0-4.0 W/kg and >190 W

C – Beginner category – Peak20min <3.0 W/kg or <190 W

E – Woman category – stronger ladies can freely join Cat B or Cat A if they want to

Joining right category:

It is allowed to join stronger category. It is not allowed to join lower.

Please choose the right pen according to your ability. If your race performance exceeds the category limit, we call it spike (*). Only one spike per 7 stages within 5% tolerance is allowed. On the second spike, or if the spike will exceed 5% over the category limit, the rider will be automatically disqualified from results (UPG).

Example 1: On Stage #3 during a long climb 72 kg category B rider recorded Peak20min power @4.17 W/kg. Because 5% tolerance for B category is @4.20 W/kg, his result will be valid and marked with an asterisk (*). On Stage #6 during flat TT same rider produced 4.12 W/kg for Peak20min. Because it is the second spike, he gets auto DQ with upgrade notion (UPG). The rider is slightly too strong for Cat B and should start in Cat A.

Example 2: On stage #3 during long climb a very light category B rider with only 60 kg recorded Peak20min power @248 W (4.13 W/kg). His result will be valid without any asterisk since he didn’t passed 250 W treshold.

Example 3: Category C rider has recorded Peak20min power @3,31 W/kg during Stage #2. Because his performance exceeded 5% tolerance limit (3.15 W/kg) he gets auto DQ with upgrade notion (UPG). He is clearly too strong for Cat C and should register to Cat B first place.