velodrom v Londonu za 22 milijonov funtov za OI 2012

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velodrom v Londonu za 22 milijonov funtov za OI 2012

andro1 16.02.2005 09:21
v tem članku piše da bojo nardil za 22 milijonov funtov drag kompleks za kolesarje. kok je to enga dnarja 8O . noro. pa 6000 ljudi bo sprejel.
si pa prvoščjo teli angleži.

£22m cycling centre for London

British cycling and London's bid to host the 2012 Olympics have been given a huge boost with the announcement of a £22 million cycling complex

British cycling has been given a huge boost today with the announcement of a £22 million cycling complex to be developed in east London. The announcement was made by London mayor Ken Livingstone and Lord Sebastian Coe, head of London's bid for the 2012 Olympics, on the day that a 13-strong team from the International Olympic Committee arrived in London to assess the city's bid.

Livingstone said that the cycling complex will be built whether or not London's Olympic bid proves successful. Located in the Lower Lea Valley in the east London borough of Waltham Forest, the 34-hectare complex will comprise a 1,500-seat velodrome, an international standard BMX track, an outdoor cycle speedway circuit, a 1.6km road racing circuit, and a cross-country mountain bike course.

Funding for the complex is set to come from Sport for England, the Lea Valley Regional Park Authority, the London Development Agency and Transport for London.

Announcing the plans, Livingstone said: "These new facilities will nurture our current and future UK cycling stars and the wide range of facilities mean they will also provide wonderful leisure facilities. The Velopark will be built whether or not we get the Games, and will be a major step forward in the regeneration of the Lower Lea Valley."

British Cycling chief executive was delighted to hear confirmation that the development will go ahead. “British Cycling has shown itself to be a reliable deliverer of Olympic success, but it has also used its existing facilities wisely and this has assisted in the sport securing this excellent new facility. I think I’m speaking for the nation’s cyclists, when I say that I hope it will be a cornerstone of a hugely successful Olympic bid by London.”

Lord Coe commented: "Delivery is crucial to the International Olympic Committee. Many people don’t realise that we already have 60 per cent of our venues for 2012 in place. We have begun work on the Aquatic Centre and will now begin work on the VeloPark which will be ready four years before the Games. This is a great example of delivery and puts real momentum behind our legacy plans. There is nothing better to demonstrate London is serious about sport and about winning these Games."

The news provides a huge boost to cycling in the capital just days after it was revealed that the ageing Herne Hill velodrome in south London is in danger of being lost to commercial development.

With an aquatics centre already given the go-ahead, the Velopark is the second major sports development to be announced during the Olympic bid process. If London does win the bid process for the 2012 Games, the velodrome's seating capacity will be raised to 6,000.
jeti 16.02.2005 09:23
Angleži so tko nori na velodrome.
heros 16.02.2005 18:47
predvsem v kombinaciji s konji, he he
SODROVC 28.10.2018 18:41

 Dirke na velodromu so mi zelo zanimive, prav te dni uživam v gledanju dirke "6six Day London".

Recimo tole: Madison, moški. 45 min. dirkanja + 35 krogov. Dvojica sta team. Potem se pa dogaja in dogaja. Zanimivo: max hitrost včerajšnje preizkušnje je bila 79 km/h. 

Ravno sedaj se je začel prenos zadnjega dne.

Zidi 28.10.2018 19:12
 Vsekakor super popestritev!!
BosS 29.10.2018 06:12

 Od decembra naprej gre z optimizmom računati na spremembo tudi pri nas.