Prva mednarodna dirka prekinjena zaradi motoristične nesreče

Prva mednarodna dirka prekinjena zaradi motoristične nesreče
16.07.2020 AVTOR: Nejc Grilc

Na Poljskem se je včeraj začela UCI dirka 2. kategorije Dookola Mazowska, prva mednarodna dirka po koronavirusu, ki pa se je predčasno končala zaradi nesreče motorista.

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Dirka Dookola Mazowska v drugačnih okoliščinah ne bi pritegnila pozornosti, letos pa je v koledarju UCI prva mednarodna dirka po prekinitvi zaradi koronavirusa. A prva etapa ni bila najbolj srečna, 30 kilometrov pred ciljem so kolesarje ustavili, ker je na enem od križišč eden od civilnih motoristov silovito trčil v avto organizatorja, ki je blokiral promet.

Sledila je policijska preiskava, ker je motorist resneje poškodovan, zato so etapo prekinili in vsem kolesarjem dodelili enak čas. Danes se bo dirka nadaljevala z drugo etapo, na dirki sta tudi ekipi Israel Start-Up Nation in CCC Development team.

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Stage 1 canceled after civilian crashes with moto on parcours. ICA thought of many different scenarios before the season 2020v2 start, but no one excepted the first stage in Dookola Mazowsza to be canceled. With 25 kilometers to go, the local police authorities commanded the organisation to stop racing for their investigations on an accident with a civilian motorbike at an intersection with the race circuit. No riders were involved. Just before the accident, the breakaway had around two minutes of an advantage left of what was a maximum gap of 15 minutes. “It was a weird start of the race”, Carson Miles admitted. Around halfway into the race, the peloton actively starting chasing down the two escapees and the race seemed to get a spectacular final. However, it was interrupted by a very unfortunate accident that was not related to the race. Tomorrow’s ITT will be even more important after today, says Director Sportive Zak Dempster. “It is one stage less to make differences.” The time bonuses taken by riders at intermediate sprints made the general classification. He continued: “Given the fact that all stages are flat and we did not bring a pure sprinter to Poland, we will have to be creative to reach our team goals.” . The team was disappointed right after the cancellation, especially because everyone felt strong. “We were working well together”, Ben Perry said right after the race. “I think we all would have been ready to race the final and hunt for results.” . Dempster was surprised by the attitude from riders and director sportives to the organisation. “Everyone stayed really calm and accepted the decision. I think everyone feels that racing is important, but human health is even more, especially now after the period of time we had during the corona crisis.” Video and text: @beukeb00m. @benjefperry @carson_miles__ @robinhood1924 @freddyovett @lahavd @turekalecech. @factorbikes @maxxistires @maxxisbike @factorbikespoland #Factorbikes #Maxxistires #Maxxisbike #Dookola #dookolamasowsza #cycling #cyclist.

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